Shuktara Nature Retreat
Shuktara Nature Retreat

Shuktara Nature Retreat

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An Eco – friendly Retreat in the Hills

For families, couples, groups of friends and single travelers seeking adventure or a couple of days of relaxation within a carefree nature retreat, amidst the green hills in Sylhet, only 20 minutes away from the chaos, noise, and pollution of the city.

It is located about 40 km from the Bangladesh – Indian border of Tamabil – Dawki into Meghalaya, the foothills of the Himalayas.

Shuktara Nature Retreat is an environmentally responsible organization and all efforts are made to achieve this end. All our structures have been crafted by hand using natural and local materials. Solar energy is being used to heat water. All the construction work at Shuktara Nature Retreat has been done by the local people thus providing employment and contributing towards community development and socially responsible tourism.

The Nature Retreat is accessible by air and it is surprisingly easier and quicker to get from Dhaka to Shuktara Nature Retreat than it does to get from one end of Dhaka to the other.

Temperature: Varies from pleasantly cold in Winter, mildly cool and windy in Spring, fairly hot in Summer,  humid but occasionally cool with the showers in Monsoon & slightly hot but windy in Autumn.

Suggested Attire: Light cottons during summer, raincoat / wind – cheater handy in monsoon, jacket / shawl / sweater in winter. All weather Jogging shoes , Sneakers or Sturdy boots.

Security: We at Shuktara value the privacy and freedom of our guests. Security is provided with round the clock security services.


Winter              Mid November – Mid February

Spring               Mid February – Mid April

Summer            Mid April – Mid June

Monsoon           Mid June – Mid September

Autumn            Mid September – Mid November

Rainfall: 270 to 290 cms. per annum. Temperature: Avg. 11.5 c to 20.6 c (Low:7.2 c/winter High: 23.9 c/Summer)

Languages: Bangla, English, Sylheti dialect

Medical Facility: There will be a doctor on call. The nearest hospital is 3 kms away; the Sylhet Medical College and several other private facilities are located in the nearby city about 5 to 7 kms. away.

Location: Shuktara Nature Retreat is located 7.5 kms from the Sylhet city centre on the Sylhet – Tamabil  N2 highway.

By Air: The Osmani International Airport, Sylhet is 20 kms from Shuktara and takes about 40 minutes.

By Rail: The Sylhet Railway Station is 7.5 kms from Shuktara and takes about 30 minutes.

By Intercity Bus: Intercity bus terminal at Humayun Chottor is some 8 kms from Shuktara and takes about 25 minutes. Between 8:00 pm to 8:00 am buses drop passengers at Subhani ghat which is about 6.5 km from Shuktara.