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At first, we do a bit of substantial research and brainstorming before moving on to the next phase. And we do a detailed study of your competitor’s app which will help you figure out what features are absent in their app so that you could include it in your app, to make it stand out.

2. Wireframing |

The next step is to document and wireframe the app, to understand future functionalities. Wire framing will help refine the ideas and arrange all components of the design in the right way. Any technical limitation can be overcome that is found in the backend development process in this initial phase.

3. Technical Feasibility Assessment |

To know whether the idea of your application is feasible technically you need to get access to public data by sourcing public APIs. An app, depending on its format (smartphone, tablet, wearables, etc.) as well as the platform (iOS, Android, etc.), will have different requirements.

4. Prototype |

A prototype that gets the app concept into a user’s hands as quickly as possible to see how it works for the most common use case. We will find a suitable prototype and allow you to touch the prototype to get the feedback and implement it into our work.

5. Design |

Once you get this step out of the way, you can dive into coding. Our UX Designer architects the interaction between design elements, while the user interface (UI) designer builds the look and feel of your app.

6. Develop |

In this stage, our expert backend developers work to get the app on point. Initially, the app is very buggy. So, the app ideally goes through some light testing & bug fixing. Then, the app moves to the deployment phase.

7. Testing |

After developing the app, we test the app early and often. And this testing is done in 3 steps. So, there remains very low possibility of having big issues in your app. And this will also keep your costs low.

8. Deployment |

Finally, in the deployment phase we are ready to submit the app. And based on different application stores, we will launch the app.