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Chattogram City Corporation | Software

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Chattogram City Corporation descended from the name of Chittagong Municipality. Which was founded on June 22, 1863. Chattogram City Corporation is a self-administering organization. And it oversees the city regions of Chattogram and some abutting zones of south-eastern Bangladesh. The people of the area elect CCC government periodically every 5 years. It has many departments. With the Moto of digitalization, it is using many software.

Of which the HR department uses our Attendance and payroll software or HR Management System. In which they provide attendance in different hubs through access devices. They have schedule options, leave and holiday options, Increment, and many other features.

In-store they use our NEO store management system. They use it in several depose and go downs. They have onetime items, returnable items, purchase (product in), product out, damage or out of use facilities.

The transport department also uses our Transport Management system and with this software’s features,  they can track vehicle wise purchase, fuel consumption, repair, and maintenance, repair cost, etc.