Sreimechan | Travel agent Management System
Serimechan| travel agent management system

Sreimechan | Travel agent Management System

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Seri Mechan uses our Travel Agent Management System. It helps them to manage their accounts, collection, payments, etc. It has increased their efficiency at work dramatically. The comparison with their collection and payment is the most fundamental change that we have made. Our Travel Agent Management System reduced their workload by 60%. The software is a Server Based software. Because Serimechan has many branches in Bangladesh and Malaysia. They also use our HR Management System for Payroll.

Brief Description of the company :

Seri Mechan Travel is the top Bangladeshi Tour and travel agent in Malaysia. It is one of the first travel agents and manpower organization in Bangladesh. Established in the ’80s. It provides the best price with uncompromising service in Malaysia. Serimechan is another name of reliability in the world of aviation. The company was established by Dr. Mahmud Hasan. They have been the leading travel agent for the last decades.

One of the key highlights in the agency is the fortunate errands of redesigning tickets and load administrations, present new item and include an incentive in advertising and advancement work out, accordingly growing the extension and limits of BIMAN BANGLADESH AIRLINES (BG), REGENT AIRWAYS (RX), UNITED AIRWAYS (4H) THAI AIRWAYS (TG), EMIRATES AIRLINES (EK) and MALAYSIA AIRLINES (MH).