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NEOSYSWORLD, a top regional auditing firm, conducts technology audit and IT security assessments for a variety of industries. We work collaboratively to help you understand the risks to your organization and how to address them. Our professionals include audit and security experts, network specialists, IT managers, programmers, and business analysts.

Information security services & solutions are the most exciting and fastest-developing areas of technology. This trend has expanded quickly due to the necessity for businesses to avoid cyber security attack incidents and having to comply with increasingly stringent standards & laws on personal data protection and enterprise information security.

What exactly does an Information Security Company do?

The information security specialists look for vulnerabilities in IT systems using resources and methods such as IT security audit very similar to those used by cybercriminals (exploits, vulnerabilities, etc.), detecting the possible attack present in a business’s IT network and applying the correct methods to stop these attacks and improve the business’s safety measures with the benefit of information security services & solutions.

The information security specialists also investigate all the possible ways in which a hacker could fool a normal user into obtaining his/her passwords or serve as an access point to the IT network.

Our Information Security Services & Solutions Include

Cybersecurity policy and standard operating procedures development.
Cybersecurity architecture design.
Cybersecurity operations management.
Website code security review.
Computer security incident response.
Vulnerability analysis and penetration testing.
Security risk assessment.