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We are a professional software design and development company in Chittagong, Bangladesh with vast experience in information technology. We are helping businesses build enterprise-grade websites, applications & portals. We are the best company for enterprise and small business software like ERP, store management, hospital management, clothing store, accounts & inventory, indenting, container handling, rent management, travel & ticketing, trading, pharmacy, hotel management, POS, real estate & CNF. Software development is a complex and often difficult process requiring the synthesis of many disciplines. From modeling and design to code generation, project management, testing, deployment, change management and beyond, a UML-based modeling tool like enterprise architect has become an essential part of managing that complexity.

Software Development Process Activities/Steps

Requirements Analysis


Software architecture




Training & Support


NSW software Family. We have variety of customize software for different organization.


  • Project


  • Requirement



  • Estimating


  • Scheduling


  • Analysis



  • Coding



  • Delivery


  • Support


Accounting Management System

There are a large number of people who get an advantage from using neosysworld accounting software. Our software gives facilities like data entry in a simple way, speedily processes, and reports automatically, reducing the chance of errors, time-saving, financial statements, cash flow management, and inventory, simplifies the decision-making in financial statements, cost transparency, and future prediction from the past result.


Store & Inventory Management System

NEOSYSWORLD Inventory Management System included Barcode Creation, Barcode scanning, Inventory optimization, Stock notifications, Report generation, Multilocation management, Stock returns handling, Material grouping, Purchase order records, Warehouse management, Demand forecasting, and many more.


C&F Management System

NEOSYSWORLD C&F software included H.S code, Bill of Entry, Bill of Exchange (B/E), Bill of Lading (B/L), Bill of Export, Land Ports, Container Details, SRO, SWIFT, UCP-600, HAB, MAWB, PSI, ICD, Shipping lines, LCL & FCL Cargo, IGM & EGM, Assessable Value & Invoice value, Tax Holiday & Duty Drawback, Partial shipment & Transshipment, Calculation of Tariff of Import goods, Calculation of C&F Agent commission, Bill preparation of C&F Agent’s commission etc.


Production Management System

NEOSYSWORLD Production Management System included Product development and technological planning, Production planning and control, Materials planning and control, Quality assurance, and cost engineering.


Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System consists of features like data entry, retrieval and monitoring stock, sale, customer records, and tracking the minimum quantity of each drug, search by drug name code and description of drugs, and expiry date of the drugs. This system always checks the date to remind the salesman if the certain drug has expired and will be triggered to remind the salesman if the certain of drugs reached the minimum quantity. This system enables the administrator to control and monitor the drug stock effectively.


Travel & Tour Management System

NEOSYSWORLD provides solutions in the Travel & Tour Management System for online reservations for hotel, cruise, car rentals, flight ticketing, package tours, etc. At NEOSSYWORLD we create custom solutions for travel agencies, operators, tour operators, airlines, cruise operators, hotel chains, etc with flexible and value-added features to allow the business to operate their customers in a resourceful and cost-effective manner.


Shipping & Container Management System

NEOSYSWORLD provides solutions in Shipping and Container Management Systems for Container Depot Management, PORT Management, TRUCKING Management, EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Management, and EDI Services.


POS Software

NEOSYSWORLD POS software provides advanced, comprehensive features like Inventory Tracking, Purchasing Management, Credit/Debit Card Processing, Networking Capability, Mobile Access, Sales Reporting and Analytics, CRM Integration, Accounting Integration, Customer Management, Employee Performance Management, Barcoding/Scanning, E-Commerce Integration.


Hotel Management & Booking System

NEOSYSWORLD provides solutions in a Hotel Management and Booking System and is a comprehensive tool used by hotels and accommodation providers to streamline their operations. It enables efficient guest check-in/check-out, room allocation, and billing. This software also manages reservations, and inventory, and integrates with online booking platforms, enhancing customer service and revenue management. It helps hotels track guest preferences and optimize room occupancy, ultimately improving overall guest satisfaction and profitability.


Real Estate Management System

NEOSYSWORLD Real Estate Management System Easy-to-Learn, Easy-to-Use for Brokers & Agents. Our features included the Land Management Module, Project Management and Costing Module, Procurement Module, Commercial Module, Purchase and Payment Module, Customer Communication and monitoring, Sales and Collection Module, Alerting Module, Financial Accounting Software Listing Management, Lead Management, Transactions and deals, etc.


Restaurant Management System

Important features of the NEOSYSWORLD restaurant management system included Cloud-based, Point-of-Sale Operations, Inventory or stock management, Analytics, and Reporting, Payment integrations, etc.


Human Resource Management System

NEOSYSWORLD HRMS software provides advanced, comprehensive features like Managing payroll, Recruitment, and onboarding, Gathering, storing, and accessing employee information, Keeping attendance records and tracking absenteeism, Performance evaluation, Benefits administration, Employee self-service, Employee scheduling, Analytics and informed decision-making.